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Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving

Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving

Reorganize and multiply your warehouse space with our brand new 500's series model of Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving! These units are BRAND NEW! Incredibly strong with an easy setup - REQUIRING NO NUTS, BOLTS OR SCREWS! You will be amazed at the strength and quality of these shelves; combined with how easy they are to put together. More than 1000 businesses throughout North America and the lower mainland are using Budget Shelves. • The entire unit is made of INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH 12 GAUGE STEEL (no cheap particle board for panels) • STURDY AND TOUGH - does not wobble when assembled - Can hold 4000 Lbs per unit capacity - 1000 Lbs per shelf level • Our 500 series is our most heavy duty 12 gauge quality industrial strength shelving for the most demanding applications • FULLY ADJUSTABLE in 2 inch increments. Add as many shelf levels and add-on units as you can fit in your space. You can configure your customized shelving in 8 or 10 feet tall units • Bright white, smooth glossy HIGH-QUALITY POWDER COATED for durability, scratch and moisture resistance - also, incredibly easy to clean; • ELEGANT BRIGHT WHITE colour reflects available light, brightening up dark warehouse or garage spaces. • The units are very pleasing to the eye - GREAT LOOKING even for office and retail use. Many of our customers use them in their storefronts! • Completely smooth shelf levels make it easy to slide items around, not wire grid shelving which can snag easily. • Only a rubber mallet is needed for assembly

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