Digital Shipping Scale

CAD $215.00

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Simplify your weighing processes – SAVE TIME & MONEY for your business. These scales are so easy to use and designed perfectly for weighing boxes and products of all kinds.


• Very Strong stem to protect read out digital electronic display - EASILY SWITCH BETWEEN LBS and KGS

• Capacity is 150 KG (or 330 Lbs). Minimum reading is 50 grams

• This scale has calculator functions to count large quantities of goods at once, as well as functions to calculate the total price of all the goods within a box

• Waterproof buttons on display

• Folds for easy storage with adjustable feet

• Pre-calibrated for you before we sell to you

• Includes pricing, tare, and zero functions

• 15.75" x 19.75" base plate made of heavy duty steel

• Can run on batteries OR plugged in

• Adjustable brightness levels to conserve battery life

Customer Reviews:

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