Digital Desktop Scale - Dual Sided Display

CAD $140.00

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Simplify your weighing processes – SAVE TIME & MONEY for your business and customers. These lightweight desktop scales are so easy to use and designed perfectly for weighing products of all kinds.

Our customers include postal offices, parcel companies, butchers, bakeries, convenience & small grocery stores, salad bars, dollar stores, and much more!


• Capacity: -min .005 KG's. -max 30 KG's. Easily switch between Lbs and Kgs!

• Dual display (two digital screens) so that the customer on the other side of scale can see the weight

• This scale comes pre-calibrated. No need for setting up. Ready to go instantly!

• Has tare, zero, and pricing functions

• This scale doesn't need batteries. Just plug it in to recharge as needed. This scale DOES have a battery port if you would like it to be run on batteries only

• Will run for a long period of time on its charged power. No need to stay plugged in

• BRIGHT LED displays

• This unique scale has price computing functions. It will calculate the cost for your customers who buy bulk quantities & calculates change for customers

Customer Reviews:

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