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Office & furniture shelving - 24" x 48" x 72"

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Starter Unit (5 Shelf Levels) 48"W x 24"D x 72"H - New Style
CAD $199.00

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Get your life organized with our beautiful shelving units, perfect for your home, office, or garage! These units are made entirely of steel and include 5 levels of shelving which are freely adjustable to your liking!

- BRAND NEW units

- TOUGH, doesn't wobble around

- STRONG, can hold 200 lbs each shelf level

- EASY TO ASSEMBLE! NO NUTS, SCREWS, OR BOLTS! One person can assemble in minutes! Comes with easy to read, step-by-step instructions

- WHITE colour shelving reflects available light and makes things easier to find. Your stock room looks cheery and bright as a result!

- SMOOTH surface so you can slide items on and off easily. Not a wire grid like other shelves.

- DURABLE POWDER COATED PAINT on our steel shelves makes them SCRATCH-RESISTANT because it is made by hard baking the plastic polymer onto the metal, forming a thick "skin" which is much tougher than conventional paint. Durable Powder Coated paint process has NO NEED for any solvents, hence making this an ECO-FRIENDLY way to colour metal!

- These shelves water and dirt repelling, making these shelves tough and EASY to WIPE CLEAN!


Specifications: • Size: 24"D x 48"W x 72"H / (0.6 x 1.2 x 1.8m)

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