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Industrial Shelving - W 78' x D 30" x H 96"

Product Name Price Qty
Starter Unit (3 Shelf Levels) 78"W x 30"D x 96"H
CAD $359.00
Add-On Unit (3 Shelf Levels) 78"W x 30"D x 96"H
CAD $286.00
Additional Shelf Levels (30" Depth x 78" Width)
CAD $71.00
Half-Width Add-On Unit (3 Shelf Levels) 39"W x 30"D x 96"H
CAD $193.00
Half-Width Additional Shelf Levels (30" Depth x 39" Width)
CAD $40.00

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Ordering instructions:

1) A starter unit is a standalone shelving unit inclusive of three (3) shelf levels. If you plan on setting up multiple aisles, each aisle requires at least one starter unit.

2) Use add-on units to extend standalone units as long as you need. For example, if you want three shelf sections connected together, you would order one (1) starter unit and two (2) add-on units.

3) You may add as many shelf levels to the starter & add-on units as you need. Remember, starter and add-on units come with three (3) shelf levels already. Typically, our customers have between three (3) and (5) shelf levels on their units.


Reorganize and multiply your space with our best-selling industrial strength Garage / Warehouse shelving units! These units are BRAND NEW!


• The entire unit is made of INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH STEEL (no cheap particle board for panels).
• STURDY AND TOUGH – does not wobble when assembled – rated for 1,200 Lb capacity evenly distributed (although the breaking point is higher!)
• Our shelves use BOX WELDED BEAMS which give you triple the strength of “Open C” beams, which are used by many of the big box stores;
• Our shelves are LIGHTWEIGHT - compared to wooden shelves our pieces can be handled all by one person.
• FULLY ADJUSTABLE and configurable, add as many shelf levels and add-on units as you can fit in your space;
• Bright white, smooth glossy HIGH-QUALITY POWDER PAINT coating is durable, scratch and weather resistant - incredibly easy to clean;
• ELEGANT BRIGHT WHITE colour reflects available light, brightening up dark warehouse or garage spaces.
• The units are very pleasing to the eye – GREAT LOOKING even for office and retail use. Many of our customers use them in their storefronts!
• Completely smooth shelf levels make it easy to slide items around, not wire grid shelving which can snag easily.
• ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES with no tools required (a rubber mallet is helpful but not necessary).


Specifications: • Size: 78"W x 30"D x 96"H / (2.0 x 0.8 x 2.4m) • Max weight capacity: 1200 Lbs per Shelf level (Even weight distribution)

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